Thick legs and big drawers

I am an English nut.

I love puns.  Nothing delights me more than an unintentional pun.  Obesity is a growing problem in America.  The use of hydrogen gas led to the downfall of the Hindenburg.  Forced puns, however, are not funny.

I love diagramming sentences.  This is an obsession I got honestly. I recall coming home from school to find my grandmother with the Readers Digest in one hand, a pencil in the other hand, and a pad of paper beside her as she diagrammed sentences from the magazine with the same determination and enjoyment as working a crossword puzzle.  Indeed, diagramming is a sort of puzzle into which each word fits appropriately.

I am also a stickler for using correct grammar in the public arena.  I cringe when words are misspelled in advertisements, or apostrophes are misused in correspondence.  I shudder to read Walmart’s “20 items or less,” and have long been amused by an ad I once read: “For sale – Dresser, great for lady with thick legs and big drawers.”

Perhaps nothing has been more valuable to my life than research papers.  I do not spend my spare time writing formal papers (usually), but I love the process, and parts of that process are implemented in my life daily.  If I have a question about something or somethng interests me, I look it up.  In both formal situations and in matters that are merely interesting to me, I am able to assemble the information into a format that is useful to me, whether that involves organizing those ideas on paper or in my head.  I know how to find accurate facts and how to steer clear of biased information.  When I need to make an argument, present an idea,or make a speech,  I can arrange my thoughts and express myself clearly.

The skills learned while writing a research paper are life skills. Many situations demand them. I’m living in Germany and need to figure out how to find the German equivilent of Crisco and self-rising flour.  We have been given options of treatments by the doctor and we want to be well-informed at the consultation.  Which Presidential candidate should I vote for?    The PTO wants me to speak on the advantages of a sports program.

Learning to write a research paper provides important tools beyond composition that will be used repeatedly throughout life.


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